How I Clean My Makeup Brushes


All my dirty brushes…they really need a bath!

If there is one thing about makeup that I dislike, it is cleaning my makeup brushes. I would put it off indefinitely if I could. In reality they need to be cleaned on a regular basis. I try and clean mine once a week, if I am only using the brushes on myself. If I am doing another person’s makeup I clean them before each application to keep things sanitary. In a perfect world I would clean them after each of my makeup applications but #aintnobodygottimeforthat! Here are the steps I take to clean my brushes in the easiest possible way.


When cleaning my brushes I prefer to use Dial hand soap. It is very inexpensive, has anti-bacterial properties to sanitize my brushes, yet is gentle to the brush bristles at the same time. I apply one pump (the size of the pump depends on what brush I am needing to clean) to the outside of my hand.


I gently rub the brush bristles into the soap in a back and forth motion. That way the soap will work it’s way into the bristles and break down the makeup. Depending on how dirty your brush is this step may need to be repeated multiple times.


After working the soap into the bristles, I rinse the brush in lukewarm water until all the makeup product is out (repeat previous step until all remnants of makeup are gone) and the water runs clear. Then I gently squeeze out the excess water before blotting either side of the brush on a paper towel.


After blotting, I reshape my brush to it’s original form.


After I reshape each cleaned brush, I hang them to dry on my benjabelle brush tree* (I place a couple sheets of paper towel underneath to catch any falling water from the brushes). I love this thing! By hanging the brushes upside down, the excess water is forced out and the brushes dry more evenly and much quicker than lying them out flat. I leave them hanging overnight.


* I highly recommend the benjabelle brush tree if you have a lot of brushes to clean. It makes cleaning brushes so much easier. They come in different styles and colors, depending on your needs. The style I chose is the Sunflower (since it had openings for large and small brushes) and cost $39.95. You can purchase them at several online beauty websites such as or from


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