The beautyblender: Worth the Price?



I have heard/known about the beauty blender for roughly three years now. Most reviews for this beauty tool have been very favorable. However, I just could not fathom spending $20 on a sponge. I ended up buying a similar, much more affordable version at Walgreens and was very disappointed with the results; it just seemed to rub my foundation away. After this, I seemed to write off using a sponge to apply my makeup. Forward ahead a couple of years, I continued to see my favorite YouTubers using the beautyblender and singing it’s praises. While I have been happy with the results I have, when applying my foundation with a brush, I decided to bite the bullet and give the real deal, beautyblender a try (I made sure to purchase mine from Sephora, so I could return it, if I wasn’t thrilled with the results).

The beautyblender in it's original size and state (left) and after it has been expanded by saturating with water  and ready to use (right)

The beautyblender in it’s original size and state (left) and after it has been expanded by saturating with water and ready to use (right)

Right off the bat, I could tell this sponge was different than the previous one I had tried. It was soft and buoyant. It easily expanded once I added water to it. So far so good. On to the makeup application…oh my gosh! Why didn’t I try this thing sooner?!! It applied my foundation like a dream, blending it seamlessly with my skin. I didn’t have to go over the same area numerous times to blend in the product. Just a couple stipples with the beauty blender and I was able to move on to the next section. I love using the full bottom side to apply my foundation and the pointy tip is perfect for applying concealer to my under eye and inner eye area and around my nose. It also helps prevent my under eye concealer from looking the least bit cakey…a problem I encountered every time I applied my makeup, previous to using the beautyblender. I have also used it to blend in my cream blush with the same favorable results.


  • Blends and applies makeup like a dream.
  • Can use with both cream and powder products.
  • Easy to use, does not take as much skill as applying products with a brush.


  • Price
  • Easily becomes stained with foundation, even after cleaning.

Bottom Line:

I love this product! Even at the steep $20 price tag, I will no doubt repurchase. Not only does it make my makeup look awesome, it is a definite time saver. My foundation and concealer application takes half the time it used to. Since purchasing my beautyblender, I have not reached for a brush to apply my foundation. I highly recommend you give this product a try!